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iboxs Off-grid PAYG / R2O Solar Home Systems / Concept

iboxs Off-grid PAYG / R2O Solar Home Systems / Concept

IBOXS has initially introduced its “Pay-As-You-Go” house hold energy systems where a Consumers can send payments using a mobile phone / retailers. Once fully paid, the solar home system unlocks and delivers free electricity. We transform an energy expenditure into a solar home system pur-chase. We offer consumers the opportunity for ownership of their energy generators and break their dependence on expensive, unhealthy, and inefficient sources of light and electricity.

Introduction of our “PAYG” / "Rent to Own" (R2O) technology is combination of product-embedded hardware plus cloud-based software that enables a consumer to purchase a solar home system at minimum upfront cost and then to make a series of small payments over time – using a mobile phone – to complete the purchase of their system.
Concept Diagram for R2O /PAYG Solar Home Solutions

Rent to Own: “R2O” / PAYG is a new pricing mode here consumer makes a small initial purchase price and then series of flexible payments within same budget of hazardous candles or toxic paraf-fin, each of which unlocks the solar home system for a paid amount of energy consumption. Once the prepaid consumption is exhausted, the solar home system is temporarily disabled until another payment is made. Once the consumer has fully paid the total purchase price of the product, full functionality is restored and the product is permanently unlocked.

The R2O pricing model is enabled by the iboxs Regulator, a tamper-proof, system-integrated micro-controller and user interface that regulates the function of our solar home systems based on proof of payments, and the iboxs Revenue Management System, a centralized software solution in the “cloud”, accessible via SMS gateway and over the internet, for payment processing and accounts settlement.

Payment Collections and Tracking: Customers must purchase unique CODE to allow power to flow in their system. These Codes are obtained through any of a number of locally-viable collections models:

  • Payments at a local retail store.
  • Payments through mobile money / SMS.
  • Payments to your sales employees directly.

Transactions can be made 24/7 and are recorded both online and via SMS records, allowing com-plete transparency around money matters. GSM connectivity is not required at the point of meter connection, but must be available somewhere in the village or nearby. Online User Portal: The web portal provides an analytical dashboard as well as an overview of your PAYG / R2O systems. It can be used to topup systems, lookup recent token history, or transfer mon-ey between agents. The portal also acts as a management system in which you can register new cus-tomers and track their payment history, watch a system payback over time, or monitor agents’ per-formance metrics.

Theft Detection

System dash board offers theft alerts by monitoring top-up delinquency of indi-vidual products. Our accounting platform can detect a drop in recharge code frequency for a particu-lar system, at which point you are alerted. This change in pattern could mean any of the following:

The consumer is stealing energy, bypassing the meter
The product requires maintenance.
Your service pricing is unaffordable for consumers.

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